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This is Cherie's Family History

This is what I know about my family. I hope you find it interesting and maybe even find some links to your own family here. Please let me know if you do. As time permits I will be including old family photographs and also little bits of information about the family members as I know them. This page may not appear in the traditional way that researchers set them up, forgive if I break with convention but it is my page and I think this is more interesting than a list of names.

November 9,1955. I was born at around 6 in the evening at a hospital in Worcester Mass. My family was living in Sutton Mass at the time, Worcester was the closest city with hospitals. My mother was Shirley Mary Platts (Lambutis) who was born in Millbury Mass. June 1, 1931. My father was Richard Scott Platts who was born in Millbury Mass. December 2, 1924. I'm going to talk about dad's family first, then mom's.
Dad, being Richard Scott Platts, was the son of John Platts(September,1900- December 24, 1989), and Florence (Higginbottom) Platts (March 4, 1900-1990) Both from Millbury Massachusetts.
John Platts was the son of George Platts of Derbyshire, and Rose Ann (Scott) Platts of Sheffield.
Florence (Higginbottom) was the daughter of James Higginbottom of Derbyshire, and Rebecca (Vernon) Higginbottom of Sheffield.
Rebecca (Vernon) was the daughter of William Vernon of Forge Row, Codnor Park, and Annie Vernon.
William Vernon was the son of Mrs Rebecca Vernon.
According to a news clipping on the death of Annie Vernon it indicates that the Vernon family had been established in the Codnor Park area for over 150 years and that would have been my grand-mother's -grand-mother, and so would be at least 200 years ago by now.
Now on to Mom's family.
My mother was born in Millbury, at home in a green house that stood on the corner of Howe ave and East Main Streets. I know that because the house was still there when I was a little girl and mom told me about it. She was one of the last children born in town before everyone started going to hospitals to have their children.
Well anyway, mom was Shirley Mary (Lambutis) Platts. Born June 1, 1931 Died March 28, 1997. She was the daughter of Peter Lambutis (May 27, 1905 - September 21, 1994) and Marion (Burnap) Lambutis.
Peter was the son of Petros Lambutis (January 21, 1872-?) and Magdellena Mikelute (February 21, 1878 - ?) Both came here from Lithuania so I am still trying to put this side of the family together.
Marion (Burnap) Lambutis was the daughter of Joseph Thomas Burnap (November 5, 1881 - November 7, 1955) and Mary Louise (Toutant) Burnap (September 27, 1887 - June 1978)
Joseph T. Burnap was the son of Joseph Burnap (1841 - 1912) and Elizabeth (StJean) Burnap (1852-1939)
Joseph Burnap Sr. was the son of Thomas Burnap and Margurite (Pepin) Burnap.
Mary Louise (Toutant) Burnap was the daughter of Jean Louis Toutant (1845 -1954) (yes he did live that long) and Veronica (Boulanger) Toutant. (1852 - 1887) (This may not be her real name as it is said she was a Native American of the Blackfoot tribe. The family kept this secret until the early 70's)
Jean Louise was the son of Thomas Toutant and a woman by the name of Rancourt.
My great grand-father Joseph T Burnap worked for the railroad and brought Mary Louise to the United States from Canada where there are supposed to still be relatives. The Native American side to the family was kept secret because of social prejudices. I hope to be getting some old tin-types and photographs scanned and on the page soon.

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