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Hi. I'm Fraka. My spirit came to be here in March of 1955. As I have grown I've come to believe that I have visited this place before at different times and in different places. I believe in the re-incarnation of the spirit, or soul if you will. I am a "Witch" of sorts I follow a pagan path and practice Wicca in an ecclectic manner. (for those of you who don't know but are curious Wicca is a nature-based religion with both a male and female diety. Part of the wiccan teachings or "Reed" states "an ye harm none do as ye will" but I'm not going to get into a long discussion about that here as there are numerous pages already dedicated to that.) I began studying 'Psychic' arts when I was very young. Well in this life anyway. As I said I feel I have been here before and as I get older and look back on my early life I can see some very interesting coincidences. One such was a "Magic Garden" I had. I was a very young child and there was this circle of trees with an opening facing East and a huge Oak in the West. All kinds of wild flowers grew about the circle and there was a small well within. I called it my "Fairy Garden" and I used to imagine it was magical. Was it a Magic Circle? or just a childs game? I do now wonder. Anyway, in the here and now I do read Tarot and have about 20 or so different divination tools that I work with. Mostly Tarot though. I have been reading for over 25 years, and do read professionally. (in other words I do get paid, it helps with the rent) I'm a little different than other readers though in that I don't set prices on my readings. I look at divination as cosmic advice. I really can't say what that advice is worth to the person asking the question so I let them decide. I also feel that setting a price might keep some people from seeking council that may need or want it. Please drop me a note if you're interested. I am very busy and may decline your request if I don't 'FEEL' you are sincere. I'm an empath and feelings play a big part of my life. I do try to answer all mail though. I am planning toinclude some of my favorite card spreads as well as more of my thoughts on Wicca & Magick.

Love and Light guide your path
Here and Everywhere
Now and Always


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