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I'd like to say I started out as a child, but for some reason I have always felt like I've been around for a long, long time. Perhaps it's latent memories of past lives, perhaps it's just wild dreams from my imagination. I really can't say. I do know that I have a sense of other peoples feelings which when I was a child I thought everyone else had. I didn't really realise until later in life that I was an EMPATH and that while everyone has the ability to develop this sense most people are to busy with life to allow themselves to recognize it. I do in fact believe that people can develop any of what we call psychic or para-normal talents and abilities. Before I get too carried away, my favorite card spreads can be viewed here.Divinations Any way, after discovering that everyone didn't share my ability to 'feel' with others I still didn't know I was an empath or even what one was. I must have had a natural means of blocking people out or somehow developed it which was good as there were times other peoples feelings were very strong. I realised that it would be very easy to loose track of my own self, my own feelings, and more or less drown in everyone elses. I guess it's either that or some other latent ability that allows me to read for people accurately at a distance. When I read for someone who can't come in personally I ask them if they have a question they want answered, their name, and where they are located. I seem to be fairly accurate doing it this way from the feedback I've received from those who have come to me. I hope you find the card spreads and other diagrams interesting and useful. I am always happy to share what knowledge I have with others who are looking for answers. I have always felt that one of the best ways to learn about something is to answer someone elses questions. While I have my own questions which I am seeking answers to, other people often ask different questions or the same thing in a different way. I find this broadens my views and opens doors I would not otherwise have looked for. While I have never really thought of myself as a teacher I have often been approached by others who say they get a sense of age and wisdom from me. While I have always felt there is something more in life for me than that of which I now am, the Fates have not yet chosen to set me on that path. Then again maybe this is the path and I just don't realise it yet.
Anyway, I will be sharing what knowledge and ideas i can with you here. Aside from divination I want to include my ideas and thoughts about Wicca, and magic, and talk about things like 'Flying on the Wind'

Love and Light guide your path
Here and Everywhere
Now and Always


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