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This link will take you to our Family Tree Pages. Family Trees are very much like real trees, they have roots which are our ancestors and suport the trees trunk which is the starting point of this generation and the branches which continue to grow and spread like the leafy canopie. Families just like trees can grow and prosper or wither and die. Some trees produce flowers and leaves, some fruits and others bunches of nuts. I think most of us agree our families contain them all. Anyway here are our families. Please let us know if any of the names are familiar to you or appear in your own family trees so we can add to our pages.

Ray's Family

This is Ray's Family History. The trunk of this tree begins with the names Brodeur and Christy (Christoforo). This tree is small right now.

Cherie's Family

This tree is a little bigger and begins with the names Platts and Lambutis.

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