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Welcome to Lair of the Blue Dragon's Year 2000 Hot Spots Page.
These sites have been selected by us because they are, in our humble opinion, Unique, Informative, Fun, or just to damn good to pass up. Beacuse we felt they were so outstanding we created a special award of excellence which they can display on their site. Please note these are not just links that someone sent us. One of us has personally visited each site and found the content or design noteworthy enough to want to share it or recomend it to other people. Please feel free to EMail us the URL of a site you think should be on the lists. Do keep in mind though that our opinions and yours may vary as to what is AWARD material.

Blue Dragon Hot Spot Award


The First site for the year 2000 is Crystal Sands.
This site is easy to navigate, informative, Bright and cheerful. There are articles, online helpful hints, real-life stories and an great online catalog of pagan and craft supplies. A definite stop on the cyber trail for the new century

Crystal Sands Page

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Chipmunk Hollow

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