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1999 Hot Spot Winners

This First site has an outstanding collection of knowledge and ideas about topics related but not limited to Spirituality, Shamanism, Animal Totems, and Herbology. There is also a set of pages here featuring on line classes on varied topics.

Cyber Witch Page

This site has an wonderful collection of items both personal and Mythological. I haven't read some of the stories here since I was a young woman and they brought back some good memories and feelings This is Angel Twin's Castles in the Sky Page

Angel Twin

Here is a very nice site which begins with a Dragon theme,Dragon Isle. Do stop by and don't skip over the story the page begins with. This page is enjoyable and very nicely put together.I'm not going to tell you what the story is about, it will be more fun to check it out yourself.

Dragon Isle

This Site is maintained by two very talented people, Amy & Skip. There is a lot of information, ideas, fun stuff, and people oriented material here. Amy also maintains a series of pages on the site for a Tarot Group called the Tarot Pack, of which I am proud to say I am a charter member. Don't forget to let Skip & Amy know what you think if you visit this site.

Web Catt

Angel Paths
This Site was nominated and has one of the best collections of Tarot information that I have seen on the web yet. The pages are nicely laid out and interesting to expolre. There are pages where you can pick a card, or even get a whole reading.

Angel Paths

The Realm of the Black Shadow
This is another site that has a really great Tarot section. But don't stop there, check out the personal philosophies pages for some wonderful reading and learning experiences...A great collection of pages and well worth exploration.

Black Shadow

The New Moon
This site belongs to Sabazius and Hilary. They run the New Moon, which is a very good central Massachusetts shop for Pagans of any tradition. I personally visit them and have recomended the shop to many people in this area who have asked me where to go for books, supplies, information and educational gatherings. Do stop by and visit them in cyberspace or if you have the opportunity, in real time. They're good folk, and don't forget to tell them I said Hi.

New Moon

Home of the Lair of the Witch Cats. Visit with them and their humans for a while, check out all the nooks and cranies that a cat might be hiding in. Stop and leave a meassage to a 'Lost but not Forgotten' furry friend at Tiger's Wall of Rememberance. All around a very nice and enjoyable place to visit for Cats and People.


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Chipmunk Hollow

Blue Dragon Introduction Page

The Lair of the Blue Dragon

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