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Welcome to Chipmunk Hollow, thank you for stopping by. This is our index page and also a direct link to our sister site, Lair of the Blue Dragon. Both Chipmunk Hollow and Lair of the Blue Dragon have Pagan - Wiccan themes. Should you find this offensive you may want to leave the site now... Otherwise, please pull up a chair, get comfortable, and visit with us for a bit...

Cherie's Page

Meet Cherie, also known as C.L. Platts. She is the glue that holds the sites together. She likes to write Science Fiction Fantasy,a little poetry, creates graphics and designs, does typesetting, and holds down a full - time job too.

Ray's Page

Meet Ray, who's main interest in life is music. (of course that's right after every man's #1 interest, girl watching.) He's very good on guitar and is also quite a trout fisherman. Ray's other interests include jigsaw and crossword puzzles and model railroading.

Pet's Page

They may have fur and feathers but they're our "Kids". Meet the LBD pets here, there are quite a few and they all have a story to tell...

The Once Upon a Time Pages

This is a page dedicated to some of our creative attempts. There are short free-writes complete with pictures, poems, chapters from never know what might turn up here .

Family Tree Pages

Go here if you would like to learn more about our family histories. We all have roots and who knows, we may find out we're related!

The Picture Place

We have decided to put most of the pictures, art and photographs for the site on to separate album pages so that visitors can choose which pictures to view if any.

Fraka's Page

Meet Fraka, an ecclectic Wiccan who reads Tarot cards among other things. This is where you will find most of the psychic and paranormal information. Want to know about Flying on the Wind?, How Magick can be explained scientificly? Want to learn about Tarot? Look on Fraka's pages . And by the way, she does do readings.

Est'l's Page

Visit this LBD site to learn more about Est'L our companion Dragon. Est'L, is featured as the LBD trade mark logo

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The beings, places, and things featured here are the property of Chipmunk Hollow, Lair of the Blue Dragon, or the person who's page it appeares on. Please ask us for permission if you would like to use any of the photographs or articles posted here (Many are copyrighted). Individual oppinions are not necessarily shared by every one on the page.

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