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Misty's Page

Hello Internet surfers and welcome to my home page. I'm very glad that you decided to visit me. . . and I hope that you'll check out some of the other pages on my families sites.

Misty in her chair

About Me

Hi, I'm Misty. I'm a Yellow Lab- Siberian Husky cross dog. I live in a house FULL of cats. Well it seems like it anyway. There are 9 of them. I don't mind though because I grew up with them...Though there weren't as many when I was a pup. Back then mom & dad had only 5 kitties. The folks seem to have a thing about bringing home strays and abandoned critters, as that's where most of the cats came from. Heck I was sort of a stray myself. I was born some time in October back in 1990. My original owners didn't want me so they left me with the people that own a feed store near here to see if they could find me a home. I was getting kind of tired of acting cute for people when my future parents walked in. I didn't even get up, I just sat there and looked at them. They came over like all the rest and petted me and said how sweet I looked but I didn't bother to get my hopes up. They walked around and picked up a few things, then I heard them asking the owner about me. She told them I was looking for a home and my heart skipped a beat when they came over and picked me up. You see I was just a little thing back then. They bought me a leash and collar right on the spot and I must say it looked great on me!

I made sure I behaved very well in the car and didn't chew anything. My new mom & dad were named Cherie & Ray and they told me from then on my name was Misty. Mom is into all that magick type stuff and she said she knew I was going to be at the feed store and that she knew my name was going to be Misty before she even saw me. I don't know about that but I haven't regreted going home with them at all. We live in a small Victorian style house in the city. There is a small yard which is all fenced in and I get the run of it when I go out. Most of the time I'm in the house though, where I have rugs, blankets, my toys and even my own chair in the living room. I love to sit there with the folks in the evening and watch TV. Growing up with the cats was interesting and kind of fun. Sometimes I play with them, we play tag, chasing each other around taking turns being 'it' until mom tells us to cut it out cause we're getting to rough. She's afraid I'l step on one of the kitties and crush them because I grew big. I'm not sure what she means, I still feel the same size as when I was a puppy. I still do a lot of the same things. I guess mom might be right about the growing big though. I remember when I was 'little' I used to be able to put my front feet on mom's shoulder and flip my self over so I would slide down the front of her into her when she sits on the floor like that I can look her right in the face when I stand in front of her. Oh well, we still play that game anyway so what difference does it make if I am big?

My Interests and My Job

I guess you might like to know know what it is I do around here.
Well I do have a full time job. Being the only dog my work includes watching the house while the folks go to work at outside jobs. I'm glad I can work at home, the idea of having to go out to work...yuk. I wish mom could work at home too, I miss her during the day. She is top person in my book. Ray is ok but he's not a real dog person. Mom always talks to me especially when she leaves and comes home. She tells me where she's going, how long she thinks she'll be gone and to 'watch the house' while she's away. She doesn't have to remind me, I think she just say's that to make me feel special.
I love to play with my toys, both indoors and outside. I have my own toy box where I keep my balls, bones and squeaky toys. Sometimes I when I see one of the cat toys I play with it too. I've even been caught throwing around a catnip mouse from time to time. Outside I love to play with tennis balls, sticks and such.

Links to My Favorite Sites

Hey just because I'm a dog doesn't mean I don't have interests on the web...


I just had to start out with this one. Even if you can't have a real pet like me or my brothers & sisters here at LBD, you can still get a "Virtual Pet" If you aren't sure what that is go here and check it out....

The Pet Lovers Connection

A really great site with things about pets and their people.

Acme Pet

A 'must see' site with all kinds of information about all kinds pets.

Best Friends

A great shelter site on the web. They have stories about dogs and cats looking for homes, and a really great guide who will take you on a tour of the facility. His name is Tomato.

The Joy of Mutts

A site about other dogs like me...mixed breed.

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