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Mom's Page

March 31, 1997

This page is for my Mom. I guess I want to make it for myself as much as her, you see she died Friday afternoon March 28, 1997, very suddenly and unexpectedly as she was getting ready to leave the hospital after a minor non-life threatening surgery. The doctors are not sure yet what caused her death, but in the meantime Dad and I are trying to make sense of it all. We started going through all the papers, making arrangements, trying to figure out how to pay for things. (My folks didn't have life insurance) I was thinking about the futility of life, and how alone we all are as human beings. I think it hit home even more because my family consists of my Dad, my Husband and Myself. Mom was a very special woman, even if only to my Dad and I. While I was sitting here trying to understand it all I thought about how wonderful it would be if more people could have known my Mom and I got the idea for this page. The questions about how and why are tough, but what is even harder is remembering how much Mom loved life, especially with spring just starting. Mom enjoyed gardening, flowers especially and I was looking forward to showing her the crocus just breaking into color in my yard. Her house changed with every season and she had different decorations for all the holidays. My Dad, well Stepdad actually, (my father died of cancer over 13 years ago) works in Connecticut and they had just recently moved closer to his work. Even so Mom and I kept close touch with each other talking on the phone at least once a day. We did like to talk. So my Mom ,who had always said she had no use for computers expressed a desire to get one and learn about them, so we could EMail or use the IRC chats instead of the phone so our bills wouldn't be so high. She never got the chance to try it. I know she would have got a kick out of seeing this page about her on the web, and she would have loved the internet. I may add some more about Mom as the days go by...this is all still very fresh and new and I'll admit it still hurts a lot. You see Mom was also my best friend. So let me know if you'd like to hear more about her, my dad, their dog Becky, and cat Amanda, and I'll add to this page. Please encourage others to visit and send feedback. I am going to try to add some photos very soon. Anyone who would like to drop Dad or I snail mail (I know he would appreciate some good wishes) you can send to Cherie Platts & or Ed MacIntyre, Box #7531, 560 Lincoln St. Worcester, MA. 01605. Dad has no EMail address but I would be happy to copy any you send for him to read. You can send EMail to the address below if you like.

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