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More About Mom

April 7, 1997

Amid the sympathy and well meaning gestures that have been flooding dad and I at work and home, one conversation has stuck in my mind over most of the others... Some time back I had told my boss how my father's death had impressed me with our insignificance to the world. I was 26 and knew the finality of death but it still shocked me that the world didn't stop when he died even though this event was so devastating to me. Well we had a major blizzard here in the North-East on April 1st, and when I got in to work on the 2nd, my boss recalled that incident to me. She said that during the height of the storm she was thinking of me and my mom, and how for one day here, the world stood still...

I know that storm probably had nothing to do with my mom, but then again, who can say?

Mom - June 1, 1931 - March 28, 1997

Mom Talking on The Phone

more than likely talking to me on the phone...

April 15, 1997

I would like this page to be a place of fond memories and ongoing events related to mom and those of us who are her family.I don't want it to be morbid. I plan on including pictures from the past, present and when it happens...future. I wish I could have had more time with her, but then again no amount of time would have been enough. She knew good times and bad, found love at least twice, and saw me grow into a responsible adult. Mom was human, she wasn't perfect by far. Sometimes we fought, and didn't speak to each other, but when there was a need we were there for each other. We had a lot of fun times together as adults,it's almost as if we mellowed as we aged.

Spring is a time for flowers and as I buy plants over the next few weeks for my own gardens.(something I used to do with Mom) I'll be sharing some photos of her favorite gardens with you.

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