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The Picture Place.

These pages are set aside for pictures that are meaningful to us, about us or by us. We have chosen to put most of them on a seperate page for those of you who choose to browse without the added effect a picture can bring. For those of you who are curious as to what we look like and what we like, here it is. Most of these pages are obviously graphic intensive and therefore take a few minutes to load. but you must know that if you're here. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the pictures. Please feel free to EMail us with any comments

Mom & Dad's Picture Page

These pictures are of Mom & Dad, Amanda & Rebecca, (Their cat & dog) and the people places and things they enjoyed together.

Animal House

Pictures of our "Kids" Mostly caught when they didn't think we were watching.

Family Album

These pictures are of us and our families.

People Places, and Things

Who we know, Where we've been, what we've done.

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