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Mom & Dad's Picture Place

The Patio

Patio Flowers

Even when they didn't have a big yard Mom & Dad liked to have plants around them. This is their patio at a condo complex they were living at 2 years ago.

Bicentenial Fuschia

Hanging Basket

This is a Fuschia called Bicentenial. (Why I don't know it isn't red white and blue. Actually it has 3 shades of pink.) If you look at the left in the window mom caught her own reflection as she was taking the picture.

Dad with a Fish

Mom took this picture of Dad just after he came home from fishing. That Bass wasn't that big but it was a "keeper" and Dad was happy just to have caught something

Amanda Rebecca

Here are pictures of Amanda (on the left) and Rebecca (Becky their Springer on the right)

June 13, 1997

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