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Pictures of "The Kids"



Here's a photo of Misty in the living room



This is Quigley our Cockatiel who was named for the movie Quigley Down Under which came out right around the time we got him.

T. J. Fat

T J Fat

T J is special, just look at those eyes. He loves to sit on your lap and purr.

Spike Toe Kitty

Here are pictures of Spike our "Baby" (on the left) and Many Toes (The Toe Kitty) on the right. you can't really see Toe's feet that well in the picture but they are BIG

BerttheOriginal Fat Kitty


This is Bert checking things out and just being a cat...



This is Emile, who is Berts only son. He turned out white like his mom Christeen who's picture will be here soon. This is a young picture of him playing in a roasting pan on the floor

Miss Jenny


This is Miss Jenny (formerly Jenny Lind) doing what she loves best... playing on the bed. Closely followed by sleeping on the bed. Not to be confused with sleeping under the bed so you can attack someones feet when they walk by.



Here is Tasha in an upstairs window trying to figgure out some way to get into some kind of trouble. Like maybe popping the screen off and hanging off the window ledge crying when she finds out how far down the ground really is.

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