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Employer Wanted

Tired of interviewing bright intelligent college graduates who lack workplace experience?
Heard all the standardized answers to your interview questions?
Would you like to find a person who has some real people skills?
Someone who thrives on changing technology and has a real need to know how and why things work?
Then you may have found the person you're looking for.
Iím experienced, have a passion for learning and take pride in my accomplishments. I can work well with a group or take charge of it if necessary, and while there may not be am ' I ' in TEAM, there is in Inspired, Innovative and Imaginative. I was born and grew up in Massachusetts the birth place of Yankee Ingenuity. After graduating high school I attended the School of the Worcester Art Museum, where I studied drawing, painting, sculpture and other fine arts. After pursuing a career for some time, I returned to college to improve my graphic design skills and received an Associates Degree in Applied Arts with Highest Honors. To me the concept of a good design is about promoting a product or idea in a unique and distinctive way so that it will be remembered and acted on by a target audience.

My Resume

...for those of you who are busy or just want to look at my Resume

My Online Portfolio

... for those of you who want to get a more in-depth look at some of my skills.

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Created on: Wednesday September 12, 2008