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Coins represent the element of Earth. They are usually depicted as a gold coin or disk with a pentacle on the face. In Tarot they deal with the material world and are therefore often associated with money. Coins represent the Spring season.

You will notice that the cards are set up with some of their associations, as follows.

The Name of the Card

A Keyword for what the card represents

Herb, and Planet or Astrological association

And a very brief meaning for the card both upright and reversed.
(The R: is the reversed meaning)
Followed by a brief description of the herb and it's properties.

As always remember these are My interpretations of the cards.

The Ace of Coins
The Root of Power of Earth, Grain

This card indicates the time would be good for starting a new job or project for financial gain
R:Delays and will be slow coming in.
Grain: Grains nourish us and create a feeling of fullness or satisfaction.

The Two of Coins
Jupiter in Capricorn, Yellow Dock

Working on more than one money making project would be beneficial to you at this time.
R: Here you are spreading yourself to thin and have to many things going on at once. You would benefit from cutting down on the number of things you are doing.
Yellow Dock: Helps to bolster strength and fortitude. It helps to clear away inner blocks and let us see things more clearly.

Three of Coins
Mars in Capricorn, Gentain

You have learned your job well and take pride in your abilities.
R:Here your job has become a bore. No longer challenging it is now drudgery.
Gentain: Can be used to purge frustrations and irritability, allowing one to feel more at ease and insightful

Four of Coins
Sun in Capricorn, Cascara Bark

Even though your financial situation is acceptable you are not really enjoying the fruit of your efforts fully.
R: You have developed a sense of poverty consciousness. No matter how well of you are financially you are afraid of not having enough.
Cascara Bark: Helps one to release old and possibly harmful thoughts and ideas. (Sort of a spiritual ex lax)

Five of Coins
Mercury in Taurus, Mugwort

If you are not without work, you are fearful of lay-offs or closings. This can also be a card representing a feeling of being emotionally abandoned.
R: Getting things back on track. Working more or finding work and feeling more secure both emotionally and financially.
Mugwort: Often used for 'smudging' Mugwort helps one to have clearer vision. To see life more clearly and fully.

Six of Coins
Moon in Taurus, Hops

You have the skills, the ideas but lack support. This is the time to look for it, it will be there if you really need it.
R: Now is the time to pay back any debts financial or otherwise, which you may have incurred on your way to where you are now.
Hops: can aid someone who is having trouble either helping others or accepting help when it is offered. It can make one more receptive.

Seven of Coins
Saturn in Taurus, Rhubarb

You have worked hard to get where you are and are now looking at how to take the next step.
R: Your feeling a bit cocky and as a result are making some careless mistakes. You need to reassess your actions.
Rhubarb: Can be used to help re-direct free-flowing energies.

Eight of Coins
Mercury in Virgo, Ginger

Even though you know your job well you want to learn more about it, even if just to keep abreast of new developments.
R: Here you have lost interest in your work, either through lack of skill, apathy, or self criticisms. You just want to give it up.
Ginger: Though often used as a charm to attract money, Ginger can also help to motivate.

Nine of Coins
Venus in Virgo, Dark Grapes

You need to determine if you have used your talents to create a comfortable and pleasant home for yourself, or a fortress to hide from the world.
R: Impatience has caused you to leap before you looked, causing you un-necessary problems and setbacks.
Dark Grapes: Symbolic of fruit fullness, the grapes can either be sweet or sour, what are you harvesting. Grapes are also used as a tonic for the blood.

Ten of Coins
Mercury in Virgo, Wild Yams

This is a card of security and accomplishment. You have aquired wealth and knowledge which you can share with others.
R:Financial troubles and possible losses of large proportion.
Wild Yams: The Yam is a root and draws its power and energy from the earth. The Yam helps one to understand that one has to release ones energy to accomplish anything.

The court cards in the Suit of Coins represent Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn The various 'people represented on the cards represent people in our lives through them in the card spreads. Many times you can recognize who the people are by their description. Even though the cards usually represent a person of the same sex as the card, a Knight can also be a forceful or dynamic female and likewise a queen can be a gentle or 'feminine' male. As a rule the people would have certain characteristics or traits in common like hair color or eyes.

The Page of Coins
Earth of Earth, Blue Flag(Capsella bursa-pastoris)

A young person, under 25 with Dark Hair Eyes and Skin
Communication in a down to earth way, well thought out sensible ideas.
R: indecisive and unable to relay ones thoughts in a logical way.
Blue Flag:an inspirational flower capable of stimulating creativity and imagination

The Knight of Coins
Air of Earth, Elecampane

A man who is not afraid to work to achieve his goals,middle aged, Dark Hair Eyes and Skin.
You have done your research and know how and when to act and what your actions should yield.
R: This person has let work become their life. They take no joy in it and no longer enjoy life as a result.
Elecampane: can be used as a tonic to rejuvenate you and help make you feel more connected with the world around you.

The Queen of Coins
Water of Earth, Marshmallow

A young to middle aged woman who is able to nurture and guide others. She would have Dark Hair Eyes and Skin.
The ability to achieve ones goals and realize a fair degree of financial success.
R: an immature response to material values. Name dropping, status seeking...etc.
Marshmallow: helps to relieve stresses and strain and create a sense of inner calm and well being.

The King of Coins
Fire of Earth, Alfalfa

An older man who is an authority figure, he would have Dark Hair probably with some gray, dark eyes and skin.
An astute knowledge of business matters, a loyal and dependable person.
R: Not putting knowledge and experience to good use. Trying to cut corners and take the easy way out.
Alfalfa: Helps us to realize the wealth of material bounty the earth provides us. It aids in the ingestion of essential nutrients.

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