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The Major Arcana
This text version is for those of you who already have a Tarot deck and just want to follow along. Should you not have a deck and or just want to follow along with the images I have please go to the full version pages which include graphics.I felt the best way to go through adeck was, to actually go through it with those of you who want to learn about Tarot. I am including a brief definition of each card to begin with and will probably add more later on.
I'm going to begin with the Major Arcana and continue on with the Minor or Suit Cards.
We will be going over 22 cards as the deck I am using is the Hanson-Roberts which includes a blank card. Well the card isn't exactly blank it has an image on it but there is no set meaning for it.
I have set the pages up with the cards in groups of 5 on a page. Just click on the right button at the bottom of the page to go to the next page. The left button will take you to the last page you viewed and on consecutive pages the center button will return you to the main Tarot page.
You will notice that the cards are set up with some of their associations, as follows.

The Name of the Card

The Number of the Card

A Keyword for what the card represents

Color, Musical Note, Herb, Hebrew Word, Planet or Astrological Sign

The Magician
Numbered 1 in the deck

Yellow, E, Oriental Astragalus, Beth-House, Mercury

The High Priestess
Numbered 2 in the deck

Blue, G, Cramp Bark or Peony, Gimel-Camel, Moon

The Empress
Numbered 3 in the deck

Green, F#, Dong Quai, Daleth-Door, Venus

The Emperor
Numbered 4 in the deck

Red, C, Ginger, Heh-Window, Aries

The Hierophant (Pope or High Priest)
Numbered 5 in the deck
Spiritual Rules

Red-Orange, C#, Sage or Salvia, Vav-link, Tarus

The Lovers
Numbered 6 in the deck

Orange, D, Parsley, Zain-Sword, Gemini

The Chariot
Numbered 7 in the deck
Motion, or Motivation

Orange-Yellow, E, Dandelion or Cyperus, Cheth-Fence, Cancer

Numbered 8 in the deck

Yellow, E, Cayenne, Teth-The Serpent, Leo

The Hermit
Numbered 9 in the deck
Guidance or Insight

Yellow-Green, F, Licorice, Yod-A Helping Hand, Virgo

The Wheel of Fortune
Numbered 10 in the deck
Beginings & Endings

Violet, A#, Slipery Elm, Kaph-A Grasping Hand, Jupiter

Numbered 11 in the deck

Green, F#, Plaintain, Lamed-Prod or Stick, Libra

The Hanged Man
Numbered 12 in the deck

Blue, G#, Irish Moss or Kelp, Mem-Water, Neptune

Numbered 13 in the deck

Blue-Green, G, Elder, Nun-Fish, Scorpio

Numbered 14 in the deck

Blue, G#, Echinacea, Samekh-Foundation, Sagittarius

The Devil
Numbered 15 in the deck

Blue-Violet, A, Lobelia, Ayin-Sight, Capricorn

The Tower
Numbered 16 in the deck

Red, C, Garlic, Peh-Communication, Mars

The Star
Numbered 17 in the deck

Violet, A#, Skullcap, Tzaddi-Fishhook, Aquarius

The Moon
Numbered 18 in the deck
Hidden Forces

Violet-Red, B, Lemon Balm, Qoph-The Back of the Head, Pisces

The Sun
Numbered 19 in the deck

Orange, D, Angelica or BayLaurel, Resh-The Human Head or Face, The Sun

Numbered 20 in the deck

Rde, C, Golden Seal, Shin-Tooth or Fang, Pluto

The World
Numbered 21 in the deck

Indigo, A, Comfrey, Tav-Finality or Agreement, Saturn

The Fool
Numbered 0 in the deck

Pale Yellow, E, Ginseng, Aleph-Bull, Uranus

The Blank Card
No Number in the deck

This card has no set associations, and is read as the unknown or mysteries. This card usually shows up in a spread when the Fates either feel you don't need to know or are with-holding information from the Questioner for some reason.

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