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Representing the element of Air and the Winter season, Swords are action cards. They are related to action, movement and doing things. The entire suit of Swords deals with conflicts and problems, their solutions and how things can entangle us. They are action cards and are the act of doing. Many Swords in a reading can indicate, dischord, arguments, and actions taken or needing to be taken. Usually depicted as a double edged blade in Tarot they are power and intellect.

You will notice that the cards are set up with some of their associations, as follows.

The Name of the Card

A Keyword for what the card represents

Herb, and Planet or Astrological association

And a very brief meaning for the card both upright and reversed. The R: is the reversed meaning

As always remember these are My interpretations of the cards.

The Ace of Swords
The Root Power of Air, Chamomile

The beginings of a new thought or way of thinking. which often takes a lot of motivation to accomplish.
R: That you are being overpowering and have not put enough thought into your actions.

The Two of Swords
the Moon in Libra, Passionflower

A possible block or that you are not letting yourself see how you are being prevented from progressing.
R: That a decision has been made or you have become aware of what was keeping you from moving on.

The Three of Swords
Saturn in Libra, Pleurisy Root

Loss of balance between the heart and the head with a resulting bad relationship with others.
R: The realization that a relationship needs to be ended and doing so will not be that difficult.

The Four of Swords
Jupiter in Libra, Mullein

Taking time out from a difficult situation to contemplate how best to proceed.
R: That activity can resume as before and that plans have been made to deal with obstacles.

The Five of Swords
Venus in Aquarius, Mistletoe

Those around you are not playing fair, they will stive to 'win' at any cost and thus are apt to betray you.
R: Any problems caused you by callous people will be resolved.

The Six of Swords
Mercury in Aquaruis, Vervain

Help in solving your problems can be obtained from others if you are open to their advice.
R: Not listening to others who are trying to help can create more problems than one began with.

The Seven of Swords
Moon in Aquarius, Wood Betony

Hidden agendas, refusing to face problems, deceit, trying to get something for nothing or out right theft.
R: regaining that which was lost or coming to terms with problems and working through them.

The Eight of Swords
Jupiter in Gemini, Black Cohosh

Feeling bound and powerless to correct ones own problems
R: being able to see that what blocks us is our own limiting thoughts

The Nine of Swords
Mars in Gemini, Valerian

Bemoaning ones own shortcomings, severe depression over ones situation
R: being able to finally see out over the top of a deep pit to the light of understanding and hope.

The Ten of Swords
Sun in Gemini, Ephedra

This card indicates the need to surender, cut your losses and try to start over with what's left
R: the worst is over and from here there is no place to go but up.

The court cards in the Suit of Swords represent Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The various 'people represented on the cards represent people in our lives through them in the card spreads. Many times you can recognize who the people are by their description. Even though the cards usually represent a person of the same sex as the card, a Knight can also be a forceful or dynamic female and likewise a queen can be a gentle or 'feminine' male. As a rule the people would have certain charicteristics or traits in common like hair color or eyes.

The Page of Swords
Forceful Communication
Earth of Air, Dill,

A young person, a thinker under 25 with browinish hair and light eyes.
There is a need here to speak your mind, honestly and openly.
R: Caution should be used in how you communicate lest you become loud and opinionated.

The Knight of Swords
Assertive Action
Air of Air, Wild Cherry Bark,

A man, with quick wits and a sharp mind, middle aged, with browinsh hair and light eyes.
The situation facing you calls for some definitive action on your part. You need to make a decision.
R: Guard against letting your agressions speak for you and drive a sword into your situation.

The Queen of Swords
Water of Air, Lady Slipper

A young to middle aged woman who has proven herself on her chosen path, she would have Brownish hair and light eyes.
You have the strength of will and intelligence to accomplish what ever task you set for yourself.
R:You need to watch out that you don't act rashly and become domineering and bitter.

The King of Swords
Fire of Air, St. Johnswort

An older man very perceptive and able, he would have browinish to greying hair and light eyes.
This person knows what they want and how to get it. Very expressive and able to communicate well.
R: the ultimate manipulator. Able to take advantage of any one anytime.

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