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The court cards in the Suit of Swords represent Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The various 'people represented on the cards represent people in our lives through them in the card spreads. Many times you can recognize who the people are by their description. Even though the cards usually represent a person of the same sex as the card, a Knight can also be a forceful or dynamic female and likewise a queen can be a gentle or 'feminine' male. As a rule the people would have certain charicteristics or traits in common like hair color or eyes.

The Page of Swords
Forceful Communication
Earth of Air, Dill,

A young person, a thinker under 25 with browinish hair and light eyes.
There is a need here to speak your mind, honestly and openly.
R: Caution should be used in how you communicate lest you become loud and opinionated.

The Knight of Swords
Assertive Action
Air of Air, Wild Cherry Bark,

A man, with quick wits and a sharp mind, middle aged, with browinsh hair and light eyes.
The situation facing you calls for some definitive action on your part. You need to make a decision.
R: Guard against letting your agressions speak for you and drive a sword into your situation.

The Queen of Swords
Water of Air, Lady Slipper

A young to middle aged woman who has proven herself on her chosen path, she would have Brownish hair and light eyes.
You have the strength of will and intelligence to accomplish what ever task you set for yourself.
R:You need to watch out that you don't act rashly and become domineering and bitter.

The King of Swords
Fire of Air, St. Johnswort

An older man very perceptive and able, he would have browinish to greying hair and light eyes.
This person knows what they want and how to get it. Very expressive and able to communicate well.
R: the ultimate manipulator. Able to take advantage of any one anytime.

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