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The Six of Wands
Jupiter in Leo, Hawthorn

Everything seems to be working out right and you can see the realization of your goals.
R: You know something went wrong but can't figure out what. You seem to be facing frustration, delays possible defeat

The Seven of Wands
Mars in Leo, Wild Ginger

Don't be afraid to stand up for your beliefs, you can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds if you but try.
R: Weakness and vulnerability. Even though you may put up a tough facade you feel like giving up.

The Eight of Wands
Sassafras, Mercury in Sagittarius

Ideas and thoughts, works in progress will be moving faster than you can believe. You may want to seek out help.
R: Delays, struggles, and hassles. Everything that can go wrong seems to.

The Nine of Wands
Wait and see
Moon in Sagittarius, Bayberry Bark

Although you may be anxious to act on your thoughts and ideas you should wait to see how best to proceed.
R: Impatience has caused you to lea o before you looked, causing you un-necessary problems.

The Ten of Wands
Saturn in Sagittarius, Prickly Ash Bark

Real or imagined responsibilities are making life seem tiresome and plodding.
R: Here is a sigh of relief that the world has come into focus and is enjoyable again.

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This page was created on Sunday January 4, 1998