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The Six of Swords
Mercury in Aquaruis, Vervain

Help in solving your problems can be obtained from others if you are open to their advice.
R: Not listening to others who are trying to help can create more problems than one began with.

The Seven of Swords
Moon in Aquarius, Wood Betony

Hidden agendas, refusing to face problems, deceit, trying to get something for nothing or out right theft.
R: regaining that which was lost or coming to terms with problems and working through them.

The Eight of Swords
Jupiter in Gemini, Black Cohosh

Feeling bound and powerless to correct ones own problems
R: being able to see that what blocks us is our own limiting thoughts

The Nine of Swords
Mars in Gemini, Valerian

Bemoaning ones own shortcomings, severe depression over ones situation
R: being able to finally see out over the top of a deep pit to the light of understanding and hope.

TheTen of Swords
Sun in Gemini, Ephedra

This card indicates the need to surender, cut your losses and try to start over with what's left
R: the worst is over and from here there is no place to go but up.

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