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Six of Coins
Moon in Taurus, Hops

You have the skills, the ideas but lack support. This is the time to look for it, it will be there if you really need it.
R: Now is the time to pay back any debts financial or otherwise, which you may have incurred on your way to where you are now.
Hops: can aid someone who is having trouble either helping others or accepting help when it is offered. It can make one more receptive.

Seven of Coins
Saturn in Taurus, Rhubarb

You have worked hard to get where you are and are now looking at how to take the next step.
R: Your feeling a bit cocky and as a result are making some careless mistakes. You need to reassess your actions.
Rhubarb: Can be used to help re-direct free-flowing energies.

Eight of Coins
Mercury in Virgo, Ginger

Even though you know your job well you want to learn more about it, even if just to keep abreast of new developments.
R: Here you have lost interest in your work, either through lack of skill, apathy, or self criticisms. You just want to give it up.
Ginger: Though often used as a charm to attract money, Ginger can also help to motivate.

Nine of Coins
Venus in Virgo, Dark Grapes

You need to determine if you have used your talents to create a comfortable and pleasant home for yourself, or a fortress to hide from the world.
R: Impatience has caused you to leap before you looked, causing you un-necessary problems and setbacks.
Dark Grapes: Symbolic of fruit fullness, the grapes can either be sweet or sour, what are you harvesting. Grapes are also used as a tonic for the blood.

Ten of Coins
Mercury in Virgo, Wild Yams

This is a card of security and accomplishment. You have aquired wealth and knowledge which you can share with others.
R:Financial troubles and possible losses of large proportion.
Wild Yams: The Yam is a root and draws its power and energy from the earth. The Yam helps one to understand that one has to release ones energy to accomplish anything.

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