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Cups represent the element of Water. They are usually depicted as a gold cup or bowl. In Tarot they deal with the emotions and relationships. Cups represent the Summer season.The suit of Cups are my personal favorites in this particular Tarot deck.

You will notice that the cards are set up with some of their associations, as follows.

The Name of the Card

A Keyword for what the card represents

Herb, and Planet or Astrological association

The Card's Picture

And a very brief meaning for the card both upright and reversed.
(The R: is the reversed meaning)
Followed by a brief description of the herb and it's properties.

As always remember these are My interpretations of the cards.

The Ace of Cups
New Relationships
The Root of Power of Water, Lotus

Open your heart to the possibility of new friendships or personal relationships.
R:You may be trying to rush a relationship or may be seeing something that just isn't there.
Lotus: a symbol of purity and peace. Not only is the lotus beautiful to look at, almost every part of it has a use. It represents the blosoming of our inner beauty for all to see.

The Two of Cups
Venus in Cancer, Uva Ursi

A friend can offer you valuable advice or insight. A person you trust.
R: Incompatability or distrust. Someone who has given you bad advice or with whom you have argued.
Uva Ursi: Used to purify the body it also helps to regulate inpurities of the blood.

Three of Cups
Mercury in Cancer, Trillium

Get out and enjoy gatherings with friends and family.
Here, in an attempt to escape from unpleasant situations you are acting in a careless and overindulgent manner.
Trillium: Is associated with birth and is often used medicinally during the birth process. (If you have ever seen a Trillium flower you know it looks like tiny celebration of life love and beauty 'born' in the most unlikly of places.)

Four of Cups
Apathy, Stagnation
Moon in Cancer, Burdock

You are looking back instead of ahead, regreting lost chances, lost loves...
R:Having looked back you now want to look for new, or previously overlooked, opportunities in your life.
Burdock: The Burdock root is good for healing, it heelps to get things flowing and to release blocks and stagnation.

Five of Cups
Mars in Scorpio, Horsetail

There is no point to feeling bad about what is done. Everyone did the best they could under the circumstances with the knowledge they had.
Look back and you will be able to learn from the mistakes that were made and to proceed with more valuable knowledge for the future.
Horsetail: helps one to see things clearer in difficult times. Medicanially it aids in relieving blockages and reducing inflamation.

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