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Six of Cups
Sun in Scorpio, Watermelon

You may have been thinking about the past or need to re-visit some part of your earlier life. Some part of the past can offer incite or relief in the present.
R:Emotional immaturity or childishness. (not to be confused with child-likeness) You may be acting in a jealous or spiteful manner or refusing to face reality.
Watermelon: is a reminder of warm summer days and childhood. Used to cool and releave it allows us to pause during the haste of life.

Seven of Cups
Venus in Scorpio, Juniper Berries

This card is my personal favorite in this deck, if you look at it you can see the seven cups are filled with wonders and enchantment. The cups can be said to reflect the Chakras and the energies they represent.
R: This card can indicate a misuse of ones creative energies or imagination.
Juniper Berries help to calm, purify and alleviate negative energies. They have a spicy warming quality.

Eight of Cups
Saturn in Pisces, Gravel Root

You feel that something is missing from your present situation and are either contemplating a shift in position or have already done so.
R: This card indicates a lack of commitment or an inability to face or express ones emotions.
Gravel Root: Helps to allow the emotions to flow more freely.

Nine of Cups
Jupiter in Pisces, Squawvine

"Having is not always so pleasing as wanting" Having wished and worked for something, you finally achieve your goal...only to find out it wasn't what you really wanted.
R: Getting what you want or are working for may take longer than you expect. Are you sure it is what you really want?
Squawvine: (Partridge berry) can help build self-confidence and a connectedness with the universe allowing one to see things more clearly

Ten of Cups
Mars in Pisces, Cannabis sativa

Harmony, joy, achievement. You have worked hard and have learned & earned love and respect. Enjoy it.
R:There may be some bumps or even pot-holes on the road you are traveling even though it seems to be leading where you want to go.
Cannabis sativa: OK, OK yes you're's plain old Marijuana. You have to admit it certainly can produce a state of bliss...Plus they are using it for many good medicinal purposes these days, including but not limited to problems related to the eyes. (Hmmm...ones ability to see what one has accomplished???)

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