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The court cards in the Suit of Cups represent Water signs, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. The various 'people represented on the cards represent people in our lives through them in the card spreads. Many times you can recognize who the people are by their description. Even though the cards usually represent a person of the same sex as the card, a Knight can also be a forceful or dynamic female and likewise a queen can be a gentle or 'feminine' male. As a rule the people would have certain characteristics or traits in common like hair color or eyes.

The Page of Cups
Social Messages
Earth of Water, Damiana

A young person, under 25 with Blonde or light Hair, Eyes and Skin
Communication about social events or relationships between people.
R: Lack of social engagements. People don't seem to be calling and you aren't looking for them either..
Damiana: relates to self-confidence and social attractiveness.It has been used as an aphrodisiacs. and imagination

The Knight of Cups
Air of Water, Sarsaparilla

A man who is not afraid to work to achieve his goals,middle aged, with Blonde or light Hair, Eyes and Skin.
This person is very energetic and enthusiastic about life, not afraid to take a chance on life.
R: This person is haste and unreliable, they may even be rude or aggressive
Sarsaparilla: is used for purification of emotions and can help one to more clearly see their feelings toward others.

The Queen of Cups
Water of Water, Lady's Mantle

A young to middle aged woman who is able to nurture and guide others. She would have Blonde or light Hair, Eyes and Skin.
This is a sensitive caring person who is insightful into matters of the heart or relationships with others, including friends and coworkers.
R: Emotions running wild. This person is a prime candidate for a sob story. Easily taken in they can't tell real feelings from false.
Lady's Mantle: Has been used to help people overcome dependencies and to take control of their emotions>

The King of Cups
Fire of Water, Saw Palmetto

An older man who is an authority figure, he would have Blonde or gray Hair, light Eyes and skin.
This person is kind of a fatherly figure. A good listener he or she can offer the wisdom of their good judgement
R: This person lacks balance and tends to hold on to relationships that have run their course. Saw Palmetto: used in a tonic can help people with respiratory problems and weakness

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