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Holiday Greetings From All of us to All of You

Village Picture

The idea for a Winter Village was planted in my mind many years ago when I was a small child. Each Christmas season I watched my Mom carefully set up a delicate little cardboard village she had purchased at Denholm's Department store here in downtown Worcester.
The Village had about 20 buildings with tissue paper windows and doors which let light through. Mom had collected small figures to accent it so it looked like a bustling little community. I still have that village, but I don't set it up anymore as it has become way to fragile and dear to stand the wear and tear. (It's well over 40 years old) I do have a village we set up every year though. One that is part of my life with my Husband Ray. The first year we were together we bought 3 little ceramic houses at the Fair Stores and set them up as the beginning of our own little village. Over the last 15 years, and with the help of my parents and our friends who have gifted us with many of the items in the village, we have developed a sizeable little community that would have thrilled even my Mom.
   We would like to invite you to stop in this winter season to visit the Village of Chipmunk Hollow, here at our home, which we call Lair of the Blue Dragon. We like to think of our home as a mystical Magical place, but like most magical things there is a lot work that goes into creating them. People have asked us what goes into the creation of the village, well here are the statistics...
The Village covers a total of 150 square feet of flat surface area, and additional raised areas created of card board, foam, wood, and whatever, to form the hills and valleys. The base is 1/2" particle board over a framework of 2x3 studs.
It features over 70 freestanding structures,more than 300 trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants, many natural, which we collect during the summer months.
There are over 150 people, animals and seasonal accessories.
A river (of mirror vinyl and aluminum foil) winds it's way through the length of the village to end in a cove and bay with real rock cliffs, 2 lighthouses a sailing ship and a fishing boat.
4 fully animated scenes are spaced through the area as well as many lighted holiday items.
The walls are covered by some 250 square feet of 3M reflective blue vinyl complete with stars set to show the constellations of the winter night sky.
The ceiling has 4 navy blue sheets tacked over it as a cover for 300 twinkling "star" lights and as a backdrop for hundreds of snowflakes individually hung throughout the village.
The main lighting for the village and night sky is provided by 5 sets of 150 electronically controlled light sets which snake their way through, under and around the entire setup
The village requires over 170+ man-hours to set up not including the hours spent gathering plants and accessories during the summer months.
1 queen size polyester batting sheet, 8 bags of poly-fill stuffing, 6 bags of plastic snow, 8 bags of sparkle snow and untold quantities of love and imagination...

As always, the village will be up for viewing through the winter season (Plans are to dis-assemble it in March)  and visitors are always welcome.
So if your going to be in the Worcester area and you'd like to meet us and see the village drop us an EMail and we'll tell you how to get here
Wishing you a joyous holiday season and prosperity in the new year
Cherie & Ray